Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Who's Who -- Rosa & George Villabla's Family

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This is the last photo taken of Grandma Rosie with her children. I'd say this was from the late 70s or early 80s. Unfortunately do not have any pictures of my grandfather. From left to right:

Back Row: Lisa, Mimi and Georgie
Front Row: Yolanda, Rosa, Carmen

Who's who in the family:

Parents: Rosa Josephina Barrios (Grandma Rosie) & Jorge Villalba (George)


Carmen -- (b. 1928)
Louisa -- "Lisa" (b. 1930)
Emma Yolanda - "Yolanda" (b. 25 Apr 1931, d. 15 Aug 1993)
Rosa Miriam* -- "Mimi" (b. 1933)
George -- "Georgie" (b. 25 Jan 1939, d. 21 Sep 2005)

*For those of you wondering how I fit into all this, Mimi is my mom! And yes, she reads my blog. **shout out to mom!**

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