Monday, November 13, 2006

They came in ships....

This is the picture of the "Albert Vogler", mentioned in the previous blog, "Passport Photo and Journey". In 1927 it was part of the Hugo Stinnes Linien (Hugo Stinnes Line) which ran liners and freight around the world. From the passenger list, we learn that this particular ship sailed to the following ports:

8/11/1927 Corinto, Nicaragua
8/18/1927 La Libertad, El Salvador
8/22/1927 Acajutla, El Salvador
9/2/1927 Mazatlan, Mexico
9/9/1927 San Francisco, CA, USA

It's unclear which Salvadorean port the Barrios boarded at. Both ports are shown lumped together. The other first class passengers from El Salvador were Porfirio Garcia Suerez, Asst. Sec. of Finance for El Salvador, and Luisa Salguero, a housewife. In Mexico, the ship picked up Fritz Unger, German Consul in Mazatlan.

While this is the first documented voyage to San Francisco (that I can find), it certainly is not the last. My grandmother made many trips back and forth between San Francisco and El Salvador during her lifetime, both via ship and via airplane.

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I think this ship sailed to Brazil in 05/20/1927.

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