Sunday, November 05, 2006

Passport Photo and Journey

This is the earliest photo I currently have of the Barrios Family. From left to right, Emma, Rosa Josephina (my grandmother), Dr. Sixto Barrios and Ines Monterosa Barrios. The photo is possibly a passport photo for their journey to San Franciso in 1927. The styles and photo certainly date from that era.

According to Passenger Lists, Sixto, Emma and Rosa travelled on the ship Albert Vogler, as First Class Passengers. They arrived on Sept. 9th, 1927, which was a little over 3 months before Rosa's marriage to Jorge Villalba on Jan. 19th, 1928. Ines is not listed as being on the ship, so at this time I am assuming that she stayed in El Salvador. I will try to post the passenger list, as well as a picture of the ship and its route in other entries.

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