Friday, November 10, 2006

Serendipity & Susan are a Genealogist's best friend!

Today I was googling family names and seeing what would pop up. I found my aunts' names in a transcription for the Horace Mann Jr. High Graduation program of 1944 on the SF Genealogy website. Here's the actual link:

There was also a note telling me to contact Susan D. Slade Grossl if I wanted a scan of the program, so of course I emailed her right away. Susan got right back to me with several pages of scans for the program (thank you Susan) plus sent a surprise -- the above photo, which I didn't know existed! Thank you, thank you, thank you Susan! The picture is in great shape, and the faces are very clear. I'm sorry that they scan so small on the blog (I'm going to have to work on getting them bigger). I will try to get more details when I see my aunts in a couple weeks (of course they get a copy of this).

I will talk more about who's who in my family in later blogs, but Carmen and Louisa are the daughters of Rosa Josephina Barrios in the previous blog.

There is also a backside to this scan with names of all the students. Here is my best transcription with my aunts and Susan's mother in bold:

Front Row (l to r):

Carmen Villalba, Marianna Libertati, Dolores Zuniga, Louisa Villalba, Lydia Ramirez, Eve Williams, Annette Wahl, Carmen Alva, Martha Bultan, Cleo Whittaker, Ethel Wood, Dorothy Wynn

Middle Row (l to r)

Doris Baird, Lucy Ganz, M. Hoffdank, Lauren Tuscany, Barbara Dean, Jo Cisneros, Mari Knowles, Lois Voigts (Susan's mom), Dolores Wynn, Eula Session, Barbara White, Stanley Elefant, Neil Decker

Last Row (l to r):

Bob Ellis, Bruce Castano, Sam Caballa, John Dallas, Mike Dooley, Tom Healy, Rich Futrell

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