Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Marriage of Rosa Josephina & Jorge, Part I

This is page one of the marriage license of Rosa Josephina Barrios and Jorge Villalba. I'll post the second page of this certificate next (with discussion). Even though I've tried to enlarge the blog post, it's still fairly hard to read. My best transcription:

Groom Information (left side)

Name: George Villalba
Address: 231 Delano Avenue [San Francisco]
Race: White
Age last birthday: 26
Marital Status before this marriage: Single
Number of Marriage: 1
Birthplace: San Salvador, CA
Occupation: Clerk
Name of Father: Alfred Villalba
Father's Birthplace: Spain
Name of Mother: Juana Segura
Mother's Birthplace: Spain

Bride Information (left side)

Name: Rosa Josephine Barrios
Address: 231 Delano Avenue [San Francisco]
Race: White
Age last birthday: 24
Marital Status before this marriage: Single
Number of Marriage: 1
Birthplace: San Salvador
Occupation: Domestic
Name of Father: Sixto Barrios
Father's Birthplace: San Salvador, CA
Name of Mother: Inez Monterie
Mother's Birthplace: San Salvador, CA

We, the Groom and Bride named in this Certificate, hereby certified that the information given therein is correct, to the best of our knowledge and belief.
Signed: George Villalba and Rosa J. Barrios
Filled out in the presence of A. J. Walcott, Deputy County Clerk

Certificate of Person Performing Ceremony

I HEREBY CERTIFY that George Villalba and Rosa Josephine Barrios were joined in marriage by me in accordance with the laws of the State of California at Sacred Heart Church, City and County of San Francisco, State of California, this 19th day of January, 1928.

Witness to the Marriage: M. Emma Barrios [no address given]
Signature of Person performing the Ceremony: Gil Casarez, Catholic Priest
546 Fillmore St [San Francisco]
Filed Jan. 20, 1928

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Who's Who -- Rosa & George Villabla's Family

. .
This is the last photo taken of Grandma Rosie with her children. I'd say this was from the late 70s or early 80s. Unfortunately do not have any pictures of my grandfather. From left to right:

Back Row: Lisa, Mimi and Georgie
Front Row: Yolanda, Rosa, Carmen

Who's who in the family:

Parents: Rosa Josephina Barrios (Grandma Rosie) & Jorge Villalba (George)


Carmen -- (b. 1928)
Louisa -- "Lisa" (b. 1930)
Emma Yolanda - "Yolanda" (b. 25 Apr 1931, d. 15 Aug 1993)
Rosa Miriam* -- "Mimi" (b. 1933)
George -- "Georgie" (b. 25 Jan 1939, d. 21 Sep 2005)

*For those of you wondering how I fit into all this, Mimi is my mom! And yes, she reads my blog. **shout out to mom!**

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Getting Some Attention!

Woo Hoo! This blog, along with my other family blogs (see side bar), merited a mention in George G. Morgan's "Along Those Lines... " (11/16 post)! Check it out at or use the link in the side bar under Favorite Websites.

George Morgan is an well-known genealogy speaker, writer and teacher. His column, "Along Those Lines..." was featured on for many years, until he recently moved it to this new blog. George and Drew Smith host "The Genealogy Guys" weekly podcast, which I listen to religiously, and which also was an inspiration for starting my blogs.

It's truly an honor to be mentioned in George's blog and I was so excited when he personally emailed me back to let me know he was posting a link to my blogs. I've been walking on air all week!

Monday, November 13, 2006

They came in ships....

This is the picture of the "Albert Vogler", mentioned in the previous blog, "Passport Photo and Journey". In 1927 it was part of the Hugo Stinnes Linien (Hugo Stinnes Line) which ran liners and freight around the world. From the passenger list, we learn that this particular ship sailed to the following ports:

8/11/1927 Corinto, Nicaragua
8/18/1927 La Libertad, El Salvador
8/22/1927 Acajutla, El Salvador
9/2/1927 Mazatlan, Mexico
9/9/1927 San Francisco, CA, USA

It's unclear which Salvadorean port the Barrios boarded at. Both ports are shown lumped together. The other first class passengers from El Salvador were Porfirio Garcia Suerez, Asst. Sec. of Finance for El Salvador, and Luisa Salguero, a housewife. In Mexico, the ship picked up Fritz Unger, German Consul in Mazatlan.

While this is the first documented voyage to San Francisco (that I can find), it certainly is not the last. My grandmother made many trips back and forth between San Francisco and El Salvador during her lifetime, both via ship and via airplane.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Serendipity & Susan are a Genealogist's best friend!

Today I was googling family names and seeing what would pop up. I found my aunts' names in a transcription for the Horace Mann Jr. High Graduation program of 1944 on the SF Genealogy website. Here's the actual link:

There was also a note telling me to contact Susan D. Slade Grossl if I wanted a scan of the program, so of course I emailed her right away. Susan got right back to me with several pages of scans for the program (thank you Susan) plus sent a surprise -- the above photo, which I didn't know existed! Thank you, thank you, thank you Susan! The picture is in great shape, and the faces are very clear. I'm sorry that they scan so small on the blog (I'm going to have to work on getting them bigger). I will try to get more details when I see my aunts in a couple weeks (of course they get a copy of this).

I will talk more about who's who in my family in later blogs, but Carmen and Louisa are the daughters of Rosa Josephina Barrios in the previous blog.

There is also a backside to this scan with names of all the students. Here is my best transcription with my aunts and Susan's mother in bold:

Front Row (l to r):

Carmen Villalba, Marianna Libertati, Dolores Zuniga, Louisa Villalba, Lydia Ramirez, Eve Williams, Annette Wahl, Carmen Alva, Martha Bultan, Cleo Whittaker, Ethel Wood, Dorothy Wynn

Middle Row (l to r)

Doris Baird, Lucy Ganz, M. Hoffdank, Lauren Tuscany, Barbara Dean, Jo Cisneros, Mari Knowles, Lois Voigts (Susan's mom), Dolores Wynn, Eula Session, Barbara White, Stanley Elefant, Neil Decker

Last Row (l to r):

Bob Ellis, Bruce Castano, Sam Caballa, John Dallas, Mike Dooley, Tom Healy, Rich Futrell

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Passport Photo and Journey

This is the earliest photo I currently have of the Barrios Family. From left to right, Emma, Rosa Josephina (my grandmother), Dr. Sixto Barrios and Ines Monterosa Barrios. The photo is possibly a passport photo for their journey to San Franciso in 1927. The styles and photo certainly date from that era.

According to Passenger Lists, Sixto, Emma and Rosa travelled on the ship Albert Vogler, as First Class Passengers. They arrived on Sept. 9th, 1927, which was a little over 3 months before Rosa's marriage to Jorge Villalba on Jan. 19th, 1928. Ines is not listed as being on the ship, so at this time I am assuming that she stayed in El Salvador. I will try to post the passenger list, as well as a picture of the ship and its route in other entries.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Blog Introduction

This blog tracks my discoveries while researching my VILLALBA and BARRIOS family lines. I will be posting photos, documents, stories and anything else I can find! It is a way of sharing this information with other family members as well as allowing others to contribute, correct and discover us!

While there are a lot of Scheels, this blog mainly focuses on the ancestors and descendants of Rosa Josephina Barrios and Jorge (George) Villalba of San Francisco, CA (and El Salvador). Most postings will be on ancestors due to privacy and security issues.

Comments, corrections, inquiries and contributions are all gratefully accepted.