Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Fernando Segura (Villalba)

The above is the birth record for Fernando Segura, another child of Juana and Alfredo Segura-Villalba, now found online at Familysearch.org This is a surprise because he does not appear in any of the family histories I have seen or heard.  There are several explanations for this that I will have to research; here are the most likely two:

1) he died when he was very young.  Often when this happened, it would be too painful for the family to talk about and then the later members of the families (including spouses who married into families) would not know about them to add them to family histories;

2) he was known by another name that I have heard of.  Sometimes there are saint or religious names that were added in front of the names people where called.  Or people were named for a relative, but because the name was used by a lot of members, people used another name to distinguish themselves;

Found in the 1902 Civil Registration book for San Salvador, El Salvador (click image to enbiggen!):

Mayo 2nd P.No. 944
Fernando Segura hijo legitimo de de Alfredo Segura y Juana Calabuig ambos originarios de Espana y vecinos del barrios del centro del esta cuidad, nacio a las cinco dela manana del dia cinco de Abril proximo pasado. [signature and title of registrar]

May 2nd [1902],  birth #944 in San Salvador
Fernando Segura, legitimate son of Alfredo Segura and Juana nee Calabuig.  Both parents are are originally from Spain but currently reside in a neighborhood in the center of this city (San Salvador).  Fernando was born at 5:00am on 5 April just passed (1902).

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